I have had many reproductions produced of my original oil paintings in the past thirty years, and for the most part, they’ve all been a stressful situation where I felt that I was either under a time constraint, rushed, or was made to accept the eventful outcome as being just close enough to the original. Well, that is now history since I met Les of Palette Arts.Les takes the art of reproduction to levels that all artists are longing for when they reproduce their fine art, and that is, he takes the time to actually listen and match your original art with absolutely no excuses! What a novel idea that has been missing far too long in the fine art reproduction field.His expertise in using the computer software needed for reproduction, along with always keeping on the cutting edge of new innovations, is without question. Another wonderful aspect of Palette Arts is the final stage of reproducing our work in the fact that it will be ready to pick-up, barring emergency situations, when they say it will. Again, no excuses.Obviously, I am pleased with Palette Arts and I look forward to all future visits of reproducing my original work. I have always gained comfort in knowing that the reproductions that I will receive will be of the highest quality and likeness to my original art.Subjectively, the artists of San Luis Obispo County not only live in nirvana, but the frosting upon the proverbial cake is that we have Palette Arts freeway close for our fine art reproduction needs!

• Rod R. Aszman, San Luis Obispo