About Us

You see, an exceptional fine art reproduction doesn’t just happen. There are many facets that dictate its quality.

Let’s talk about the equipment. We employ 12 Color Cannon printers, the standard that all other printer manufacturers use for comparison. Our inks are top quality Cannon Lucia EX water soluble, acrylic pigmented inks. They are archival, rated for 95 to 200 years of light fastness, based on the printed media. All are new, not refilled, cartridges. The printers and materials are housed in a climate controlled environment.

We use a PhaseOne scan back system which was developed for perfecting the fine art digital scan.  The scan back in combination with a large format 4 x 5 camera, scans a photograph of the artwork – a process that takes 20 to 30 minutes per piece to complete (not including proofing time). We have developed a proprietary lighting system that virtually eliminates glare, including scans with the painting under glass while remaining in its frame (great for the pastel artist).

The printed media

Only the best canvas and fine art papers are selected and Made in the USA. Our  print media is designed for consistent performance and long life. We offer a smooth or textured premium heavyweight watercolor paper, top quality photographic papers, and museum quality canvas. Although all our media is colorfast right off the printer, we believe that canvases need to have a post-print UV and scratch resistant coating that also enhances the image. We use a proprietary coating blend that provides the protection required for long life and shows a semi-gloss finish, neither too matte nor too glossy. This coating is included at no charge. Our canvas stretching techniques give consistent tension which aids in long life and an excellent appearance.


Equipment alone does not guarantee a professional product. One must have experience and training in any given field to be considered an expert. Palette Arts’ founder and owner, Les Blevins, has been in the arts and photography printing business for over 30 years. In addition to achieving printing excellence, he is also an award winning photographer, and computer arts specialist. Les has digitally scanned over 10,000 paintings, and has printed again as many fine art and photographic reproductions.


Prints need to be faithfully reproduced from the original and last a lifetime. That’s why we put so much energy, expertise and care into printing quality reproductions for our clients. We understand the inspiration and hard work they put into creating their paintings, illustrations or photographic images. Consistently, we match that with commitment to understanding our clients’ requirements and attention to the details that deliver superior results. As a side note, Les has had decades to learn to understand the artist mind, through the benefits of being married to well know artist, Linda Barbara Blevins.

For us, and for over 1000 of our clients, it means Giclee prints on canvas or watercolor paper that exceed their expectations. That is because our printmaking process consistently yields a stirring, long lasting museum-quality image.

We go out of our way to make sure we understand your requirements. If your image is not faithfully reproduced, we will make it right with our quality of work guarantee. Those new to Giclee reproduction will receive personal attention to guide them through the language and technology for a great outcome the first time. We will make it as quick and easy to work with us as possible. There are no hidden charges, just a simple ordering process, fast delivery, and incredibly low prices.

Perhaps this is the easiest way to explain why we do what we do. On a daily basis, we’re inspired by the incredible beauty and diversity of images we see arriving at our studio. We want the talented people around the world that created these works to be proud of the stunning prints we send back to them. You don’t compromise on your images; we don’t compromise on our reproduction quality. That’s our promise.